Robots infiltrate penguin colonies in the cutest way possible

Frederique Olivier/John Downer Productions, Le Maho et al., Nature Methods

Baby penguins are universally adored, but studying them without stressing them remains a challenge.  New research allows researchers to observe penguins in their natural habitats-by becoming a penguin in disguise.  By dressing up an RFID capable (similar to a swipe card) robot as a baby penguin, scientists are able to study the behavior of penguins and other animals without disturbing them.
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Big cats feel divided about Marmite

For those who don’t know, Marmite is a yeast-based spread that’s pretty popular in the UK and Australia.  It’s a pretty strong yeasty flavor and people generally love it or hate it.  Personally, I’d be generous to compare it to stale cheap beer…

Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, FL recently decided to test if big cats like Marmite and the results are…well, adorable.  This may not be highly scientific, but who’s going to say no to big rescue cats?!

Credit goes to Ed Yong for posting the link to the video