Science is One Step Closer to Pacific Rim IRL

(That’s “in real life” for those who don’t spend too much time on the internet)


The blockbuster movie Pacific Rim was exciting for many reasons (giant robots fighting giant monsters, mainly), but the connection that allowed the pilots of the giant robots to communicate might be one step closer to a reality.  Now we just need the robotics to catch up, right??  🙂

Duke University recently did a study looking at brain communication between two human participants and showed that it is possible to translate brain waves from another person, with help from computers to move electrical signals.

A much more detailed article is at The Mary Sue but I’m just really excited about the possibility of the “drift” being possible.  On a much more serious note, since the likelihood of using this research to fight giant robots is slim to say the least, this does have amazing implications for people with disabilities or any type of speech difficulties, which is even more awesome.

(Oh, and go watch Pacific Rim…fun and entertaining popcorn movie)


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